Age Discrimination

Digital Forensics for Age Discrimination Claims

Are you a victim of age discrimination? Or an employer defending against age discrimination claims? Computer forensics helps evaluate age discrimination claims by quickly identifying key evidence in texts, emails, company documents, and more.

Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation
Computer and Smartphone Forensics

Our Forensics Reduce your Age Discrimination Lawsuit Cost

Once we’ve identified all sources of age discrimination evidence, we forensically extract the text messages, documents, and more. You can imagine that quickly becomes an overwhelming amount of items to sort through. For your age discrimination claim, our forensics expert will work with you to develop a Discovery Protocol and apply effective culling strategies. This way we reduce the amount of data and by extension, your eDiscovery costs.

E-Discovery Most Important Tip!

For example, we focus the review on certain timeframes with begin and end-date filters, or to only those messages sent or received from certain people. In addition, our forensic analyst will also work with you to exclude other items, such as confidential information and privileged communications.

Once we’ve culled the data, we apply custom search terms to find all text messages, emails, and documents related to the case. For example, we use employment law search terms in our database, and custom search terms you provide us to sort through:

  • Employment Policy Documents
  • Job Postings
  • Internal Hiring Documentation
  • Search for all CVs and Resumes
  • Interview Notes
  • Employee Text Messages and Emails About the Job Search and Hiring
Benefits of Evidence PDF Reports
Smartphone Evidence PDF Reports

Case Example

Example: A company is looking for a new salesperson. The owner feels that customers would “relate better” to a younger woman. An older applicant, who was very qualified for the position, applied for the job. Instead, the job was given to a younger and less qualified applicant.

  • Text messages show that the agreed age for the position was less than 40 years old.
  • All applicants over this age were dismissed automatically.
  • An internal hiring document specified the age requirement for the job.
Smartphone Evidence Report Won Case
Social Media Evidence PDF Reports

Text Message Example:

Pam (Assistant):             “I have someone who is perfect for the job!”

Larry (Owner):                “How old are they?”

Pam (Assistant):             “46”

Larry (Owner):                “I’m sorry, that’s too old. We want someone younger.”

Benefits of Remote Evidence Collection

Fast & Convenient

Receive our Remote Collection Unit at your doorstep in 1-2 days. After you receive the Unit, we begin the collection. Typically, you’ll have your evidence report within 5 days, but expedited services are available. As an added bonus, you do not give up possession of your phone, tablet, or computer. Often the collections are done while you sleep.


Above all, we want to protect you and your data’s security. When we collect your evidence, we use an encrypted storage device to protect the integrity of your data. In addition, we do all this remotely at our secure Data Center.


Hands down, our most popular benefit is our transparent flat-fee pricing. The flat-fee services are all-inclusive. Therefore, we don’t charge for phone calls, emails, meetings, or hard drives to store the data.

See all our flat fees here.

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