Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep Services for Your Conference Room 

Some of the most sensitive, private, and confidential information is shared in both corporate and government conference rooms. Discussions of corporate strategy, trade secrets, and litigation matters are all highly sensitive, while also frequently discussed in a conference room.  

Confidential meetings are very popular targets for corporate spies.

We do conference room bug sweeps as regularly as you want to ensure that what’s said in the conference room, stays in the conference room. 

Business Bug Sweep Services Cost

TSCM bug sweep of your business or office to find hidden cameras, microphones, and other devices. ($2.00 / sq ft, Minimum Price = $3,975 covers up to 2000 sq ft).

$2 / SQ FT

Common Reasons for Conference Room Bug Sweeps 

Corporate spying happens. Corporations, governments, and non-profits all need to maintain the privacy of confidential information. Whether protecting trade secrets, or their clients’ privacy, our clients often cite the following reasons for why they called us:  

  • Upcoming meetings with a major client to ensure confidentiality; 
  • Discussions with legal counsel regarding litigation strategy; 
  • Sharing proprietary information that must be kept from competitors. 
Conference Room Counter Surveillance Services

Common Targets of Corporate Spying

Frequently, corporate spies are looking for either company-specific information to seek an advantage. However, sometimes your client’s data is the reason for the spying. Common information targeted by spies includes:

  • Trade Secrets. Competitors will try to beat you to market with new products or services. Exposed trade secrets make you vulnerable to this unfair competition.
  • Client Information. Do you have high-value clients whose own competitors want their confidential information?
  • Financial Information. Information about high performing employee benefits packages or potential business deals are susceptible to disclosure and will weaken your position.
  • Marketing Information. This information helps competitors interrupt your marketing campaigns and reduce their efficacy.

How it Happens

Corporate espionage typically takes one of two forms, 1- an individual shares information with a competitor, or 2 – a competitor uses technology to gain information through cyber-attacks or malware installations.

Counter Surveillance Services 

We offer varying levels of counter-surveillance sweep services, all for flat-fee prices.  

  • One-time sweep 
  • Regular sweeps at monthly, quarterly, or annual intervals 
  • Ongoing surveillance information gathering with an on-site device placed in the conference room