Tablet Forensics

Evidence from tablets can be as important as cell phone evidence. Similar to cell phones, tablets’ power and convenience leave large user digital footprints. Text messages and other communications, GPS and location data, photos and videos, even browsing history or application lists could be critical for your case. With our tablet forensics, we can produce the digital evidence and metadata to support the claims or defenses in your case. 

  • Keep your device! We collect the data remotely. 
  • We extract emails, text messages, log files, photographs, videos, and more. 
  • Flat Fee Services – No outside IT fees. 
  • iPad, Samsung, Windows Surface, and other tablets.  
  • Defensible collection with chain of custody certificates. 

Tablet Forensics for all Devices

No matter the condition of your tablet, frequently our tablet forensics experts can recover evidence for your case – including previously deleted or otherwise hidden data.  Most tablet models served.  

  • iPad 
  • Android 
  • Galaxy 
  • Windows Surface, and more! 

Tablet Forensics for all Types of Cases 

Our eDiscovery and tablet forensics services are designed by lawyers for lawyers. After consulting, we will assist you with strategies on which devices to search, what evidence to look for, how to cull the vast data troves, and how to efficiently produce evidence for opposing counsel and for trial. We work on all types of cases, for example:

Probate Administration where there is a will contest or need to identify assets for probate.  

Family Law cases to improve your settlement by identifying hidden assets and accounts, or where there are allegations of abuse and custody concerns.  

Intellectual Property cases with copyright disputes.  

Employment Law to defend or prove wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or racial discrimination.  

Business Litigation for contract disputes, business valuation concerns, and more.  

Criminal Law for defense or prosecution. 

Remote eDiscovery Services for your iPad, Galaxy, or other Tablet 

Our tablet forensics handles the data extraction remotely with our Remote Collection Unit. This means we will ship you our BlackBox and conduct the forensics examination remotely. Then you ship the box back to us using our pre-paid shipping label and box. Once complete, we provide you with an Evidence Report.

Expert Testimony and Other Services Available 

We are lawyers and eDiscovery/Forensics experts. We provide expert witness services for law firms throughout the United States, in federal and state court cases. Our Expert Services include:   

  • Implement a Discovery Protocol to define and limit the scope of discovery 
  • Special Master services to carry out orders of the court 
  • Expert testimony regarding the collection of electronic evidence 



Digital Evidence Admissibility & Authentication 

In federal court, evidence admissibility is governed by the federal rules of evidence. Assuming a given document is relevant and not barred based on hearsay rules, each offered document must also be authenticated. Authenticating the file will demonstrate that it has not been altered and comes from the stated source. We can also help with Expert Testimony.