Website Evidence

Forensics & eDiscovery: Website Evidence for Your Case

Website evidence is often overlooked but may hold critical information. In fact, website evidence often plays a role in intellectual property cases, as well as in criminal and civil investigations. For example:

  • In defamation cases, website analytics have been used to demonstrate the intent and impact of web content.
  • Metadata such as author and creation date are often used in intellectual property disputes to prove who published what and when.
  • Website activity logs have even been instrumental in criminal murder investigations to link a suspect to the victim.
Internet Browser History
GPS and Location Evidence

Locating website evidence requires deep internet research. To this end, we use a range of search engines to find a wealth of information. Then, we track and monitor the websites to identify information to help our clients build their cases.

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Legal Review of Your Digital Evidence Made Easy 

We provide Evidence Reports with a list of the most important documents, including all metadata, and links to source files and attachments. 

Benefits of Evidence PDF Reports
social Media Evidence PDF Reports

Search Engines

We conduct searches on the biggest and most popular sites, including:

Authenticating your Evidence

Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, you must authenticate evidence in order to admit it at trial. For this reason, our forensics experts rely on chain of custody and other manners so you can authenticate website evidence under FRE 901(b)(3).

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