Counter Surveillance FAQs

Here, you’ll find some of the most common Counter Surveillance frequently asked questions we receive about our law firm and our services. To read more about a particular service area, see the Frequently Asked Question.

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Counter Surveillance FAQs

Yes. All conversations and services between you and Howe Law Firm are kept completely confidential. Additionally, you are protected by attorney-client privilege when you work with us because we are a law firm. We understand that you may not wish other people to know you suspect you are being spied on, or that you are taking any counter-surveillance measures. For this reason, we are very discreet about our service.

Yes. We use various software to evaluate your phone for spyware, malware, root kits, and trojan horses. Read more here and see our flat fee pricing.

Yes. We use software, tools, and analysis to identify all intrusion, threats, and surveillance risks on the computer. With this technology we can determine if your PC or Mac has been the target of computer hacking to record or retrieve information. Read more about our analysis to detect spyware, malware, or hacking on your computer.

No. We do not sell bug detectors, camera detectors, or any other detecting devices. We only provide services using our own equipment.

The time it takes to complete a sweep depends on the size of the area you are having inspected. We do a thorough job, which can be very time-consuming. But we provide you with Flat Fee Predictable Pricing so you know the cost upfront.

We use a variety of equipment and techniques to do a thorough bug sweep or TSCM sweep. This includes:
• Advanced near-field detection receiver (including RF detector) to scan for and locate various types of eavesdropping devices (including microphones and cameras) across the frequency spectrum from 10 kHz to 12 GHz.
• Non-Linear Junction Detector to detect electronic semi-conductor components in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, containers, or other surfaces. This includes detecting and locating hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic devices regardless of whether the surveillance device is radiating, hard-wired, or turned off.
• Spectrum Analyzer to detect known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions throughout a wide frequency range up to 12 GHz.
• Testing equipment to discover very low frequency (VLF) through carrier current (electrical transmissions).
• Electrical and Magnetic signal detection.
• Thermal imaging device with forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) to identify infrared (IR) and heat signatures of electronic devices on, near or within ceilings, walls, floors, vents, furniture, artwork, clothing, lights, switches, personal property, and electronic equipment on the premises.
• Search for voice recordings with parabolic microphones through windows. Check RF attenuation for free passage for RF signal through the windows.
• Use a drone to search for surveillance cameras, microphones, and antennas on the outside of homes and office buildings.

If we find unwanted surveillance we can disable it, leave it in place, collect evidence, and more. Sometimes clients simply want it gone, and we will immediately remove it. However, sometimes they will wish to keep it in place to continue gathering evidence on the suspect. Other times, we will do a forensic digital collection to preserve evidence for future litigation or prosecution.

No. We will not do any type of surveillance of another person or company on your behalf. We only perform counter-surveillance to determine if someone is eavesdropping or spying on you.

No. Our fees are flat-fees and based on the size of the premises, and the number of electronic devices and accounts to be analyzed. We will not charge separately for travel, our time (emails and phone calls), and the final report. See all of our flat-fee services here.

Yes, all our fees are posted online and can be viewed here. With our flat fees, you do not pay extra for travel expenses, phone calls/texts, or your final written report.

In addition to bug sweeps of your physical spaces, we perform electronic surveillance detection of any electronic device or online account.
*          Computer $575
*          Router $575
*          Online Account $575
*          For additional information, see all flat-fees here

Our flat fees are all-inclusive – the bug sweep costs we quote you are all you pay. You do not pay extra for travel, phone calls, or emails. Following our bug sweep with a free written report of our findings and recommendations.

We charge flat-fees for our counter surveillance work, including bug sweeps. Bug sweep costs are based on the square footage of the space to be swept and include complimentary analysis of personal items such as purses, wallets, work badges, and more. We also provide a written report at the conclusion of the matter.

See our flat fees here.

TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Generally, it includes counter surveillance bug sweeps, identifies security vulnerabilities, and can also include recommendations to increase your security.