Digital Asset Recovery after Death

When someone dies, you need asset information to settle the estate, and also want to recover photos or other memories stored on their digital device. Our forensic experts examine digital devices like smartphones, tablets,  computers, and online accounts to recover important photos, messages, documents, or other digital assets.  

  • Recover virtual assets on digital devices – photos, videos, and documents.   
  • Access phones, computers, and accounts, if a password is unknown.   
  • Find clues to uncover financial accounts and other assets.   
  • Flat Fee Services– Smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Remote collection available     -     No data storage or hosting fees     -      Free shipping  

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Forensic Examination for Digital Assets  

We use a multi-step approach that will unlock the phone at the earliest possible time and at the least cost to you, with flat-fee pricing. There is no charge for emails, meetings, phone calls, or hard drives to store the data. Review our flat-fee services here.   

With our digital forensic analysis tools, we analyze computer hard drives, iPhones and iPads, Android or Windows-based smartphones or tablets. We will help you find virtual assets such as financial and social media accounts to help you recover both memories and important information to assist in closing the estate.   

The types of electronically stored information can include:

  • Mac Computers 
  • Windows Computers 
  • Servers 
  • Financial Files: Quickbooks, Quicken, QuickTax, and more. 
  • Text Files: MS Word, PDFs, WordPerfect, Rich text, etc.  
  • Spreadsheet Files: Numbers, Excel, and others. 
  • Database Files: SQL, MS Access, FileMaker, etc 
  • And many more! 
Digital Asset Recovery After Death

Find Financial Assets to Settle Probate 

While hard copies of wills, trusts, and insurance policies may be kept in a safe or bank safe deposit box, today many assets may only exist in virtual space. Our goal is to help you close the estate quickly and efficiently. This requires identifying all assets and debts. We will look for and recover hidden or deleted bank statements, tax returns, or insurance policies all of which will help to identify the assets and unpaid debts.   

Locate Digital Assets to Preserve Photos & Memories   

Locating the photos, videos, messages, and social media accounts may have an invaluable, non-financial impact on family, friends, and colleagues. Our forensic analysis can help identify these digital assets as the first step to securing the long-term memories they hold.

Referral to Probate and Estate Planning Attorney   

Although we do not handle probate and estate planning directly (we gather the electronic evidence your lawyer needs), if you do not have a probate or estate planning attorney, we are happy to provide you a referral.

Digital Asset Recovery after Death Fees