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Discover the Unique Benefits of Hiring Howe Law Firm

Frequently, Joint Expert Witness fees are shared between the parties. With Howe Law Firm you get:

Hand on balanced wooden scales of justice with words 'joint expert witness,' 'lawyer' 'eDiscovery expert' placed on top, symbolizing united legal-tech proficiency for seamless e-discovery.
Joint expert witness bridges the gap between opposing parties in an e-discovery case.

Culture of Cooperation. When you hire Howe Law Firm as your digital forensics Joint Expert, you gain the advantage of having a neutral expert who is jointly hired by both parties. This unique approach fosters a culture of cooperation, ensuring that the expert lacks any incentive to favor one side over the other. With a commitment to impartiality, we bring a sense of fairness and collaboration to your case.

Cost-Effective Solution. One advantage of opting for a joint expert is the reduced costs for both parties involved. Instead of individually hiring separate experts, the expenses are shared, resulting in significant cost savings. By eliminating the need for competing experts, you can allocate resources more efficiently to other aspects of your case.

Mitigated Risk. Technical knowledge is essential in legal proceedings involving digital forensics. With a joint neutral expert from Howe Law Firm, you minimize the risk of court sanctions or unjust rulings from technical misunderstandings. Our expert guidance provides lawyers with a protective cover, aligning discovery procedures with the recommendations of a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

Streamlined Discovery Process. Our expertise in digital forensics and joint expert services streamlines the discovery process, making it more efficient and less adversarial. By helping the parties negotiate a Discovery Protocol, we define and limit the scope to locate your ESI quickly and effectively. As a result, all parties benefit from reduced legal review fees.

We take pride in offering innovative solutions. With our joint expert services, you can expect a balanced and cost-effective approach, leading to a successful outcome and a smoother litigation experience.

Joint Expert (Neutral)


Who Pays Joint Expert Witness Fees?

Generally, with a joint expert, both parties will share the expert’s fees according to a prearranged agreement.

Let Your Expert Help with Your Discovery Protocol

The Discovery Protocol is a crucial aspect of our e-Discovery and forensic services. With our expertise, we guide you through strategizing, negotiating, and implementing the Discovery Protocol. A well-crafted protocol plays a pivotal role in retrieving your electronically stored information (ESI). Key components of a thorough Discovery Protocol include:

  • Date Filtering. Define a begin date and end date filter to focus on the relevant timeframe, minimizing unnecessary legal review.
  • Comprehensive Data Sources. We compile a list of all relevant data sources to collect ensuring that no potential evidence is overlooked. This commonly includes phones, email accounts, computers, and social media accounts.
  • Data Types. Specify the types of data needed for the case, such as text messages, emails, photos, voicemails, and computer files. With comprehensive coverage, you won’t miss any hot docs!
  • Sender/Recipient Limitations. Reduce unresponsive items, and limit the production of text messages and emails to or from specific individuals involved in the case.
  • Search Terms and Phrases. By incorporating targeted search terms and phrases, we efficiently filter and extract data most relevant to the legal matter, saving time and resources.
  • Privileged Communications. The Protocol includes measures to identify and cull privileged communications, safeguarding sensitive information from being inadvertently disclosed.
  • Method of Production. We work with you to define the preferred method of data production, tailored to your specific needs and in compliance with legal requirements.

By adhering to a well-structured Discovery Protocol, we ensure that the process of collecting electronically stored information is efficient, focused, and aligned with your legal objectives. This approach maximizes the chances of identifying critical evidence while minimizing unnecessary costs and delays.

Collect, Preserve, and Produce Electronic Evidence

  • Smartphone Evidence: all text messages, emails, voicemails, photos, videos, and GPS location information.
  • Email Evidence: email communications from Outlook/Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and more.
  • Computer Evidence: Windows computer, Mac computer, and Server – Emails, Microsoft Word and Excel files, photos, videos, and Internet history.
  • Social Media Evidence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Online Cloud Evidence: Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, Amazon Drive, and more.
  • Website Evidence: Personal websites, Business Websites, and Search Engines.

Other Digital Forensic Expert Services

Expert Witness – Your Party Expert. At Howe Law Firm, we frequently collaborate with law firms, offering our specialized expertise in e-Discovery and digital forensics. Our role involves providing valuable insights and testimony to support your legal arguments effectively. We help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case whether by analyzing digital evidence, presenting findings in court, or offering expert guidance.

Special Master Services. As a qualified Special Master, we are entrusted with executing court orders and other tasks assigned by the court. For instance, we can facilitate the agreement on a Discovery Protocol between the parties, fostering a collaborative approach. Our expertise assists in preventing costly disputes and pursuing a more efficient resolution.

Joint Expert Witness Services Near Me

We provide Joint Expert Witness services with hourly fees for law firms throughout the United States, in federal and state court cases.