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Special Master Fees

Our Special Master fees are based on hourly rates.

Special Master: eDiscovery Expert for Complex Data in Legal Proceedings

Courtroom Scene with Judge, Lawyers, and ESI Expert Presenting Evidence on Video Screen
Court-Appointed eDiscovery Special Master for ESI: Neutral and Expert

Discover the Unique Benefits of Hiring Howe Law Firm:

  • Cost Savings: When you hire Howe Law Firm, you gain access to the expertise of a special master appointed by the court. Tom Howe’s specialized technical knowledge allows him to efficiently understand the eDiscovery issues at stake and settle disputes, potentially saving you significant costs and fees associated with prolonged legal battles. His effective mediation skills can also help prevent disputes from arising in the first place, leading to further cost reductions.
Red Speedometer with Mitigation of Risks, Compliance, and Liability Concepts
Mitigating Risks, Ensuring Compliance.
  • Risk Reduction: Avoiding court sanctions and unjust rulings is paramount in any legal case. By engaging Howe Law Firm’s special master services, you benefit from expert guidance and cover from potential court criticism. Additionally, our involvement helps mitigate the risk of receiving ineffective orders from non-technically informed judicial decisions.
  • Streamlined Discovery Process: With an effective digital forensics expert on your side, you can expect a more efficient and cooperative eDiscovery procedure. We assist in negotiations and the implementation of a Discovery Protocol, clearly defining and limiting the scope of discovery. This approach leads to the swift location of electronically stored information (ESI), ultimately saving all parties involved in the case on legal review fees.
  • Combined Legal and Technical Skills: Many courts choose us because we are lawyers and eDiscovery/forensic experts. We understand client confidentiality and strictly adhere to legal ethics.
  • Experienced Trial Lawyers: As experienced trial lawyers, Howe Law Firm understands the litigation process and what is required to prepare fully for it. We also serve as Special Masters for Digital Forensics and neutral court-appointed experts to assist court and counsel in guiding and streamlining e-discovery in complex cases.

When you choose Howe Law Firm, you gain access to specialized expertise that not only optimizes the discovery process but also minimizes risks and costs associated with eDiscovery issues. Our commitment to technical proficiency, efficient mediation, and collaborative strategies ensures a smoother and more successful legal journey for your case.

Special Master

Discover the Unparalleled Expertise of Tom Howe: Your Trusted E-Discovery Expert!

When it comes to e-discovery in both Federal and State Courts, there’s one name that stands out above the rest – Tom Howe. With a track record of being qualified as an e-discovery expert in numerous cases, his expertise is simply unmatched.

Don’t just take our word for it; even Seth Davis, an esteemed attorney and recruiter for Major, Lindsey & Africa, recognizes Tom Howe’s exceptional talent. In a prominent article titled “E-Discovery Attorneys: Hot or Not?” on Findlaw.com, Tom Howe was distinguished among the top 200 e-discovery attorneys worldwide.

Tom Howe’s extensive experience and accolades demonstrate his unparalleled understanding of e-discovery intricacies and his unwavering commitment to excellence. When you choose Tom Howe as your e-discovery expert, you can be confident that you’re partnering with one of the most sought-after professionals in the field.

Trust the expert that others trust. Choose Tom Howe for your e-discovery needs and gain a competitive edge in your legal battles. With his expertise by your side, you can navigate the complexities of e-discovery with ease and confidence. Embrace the advantage of having a world-renowned expert on your team – contact Tom Howe today!

The Benefits to Law Firms:

At Howe Law Firm, we offer a range of services that can significantly benefit your law firm in various aspects of the e-discovery process:

ESI Protocol Pleading Example with Text: 'As ESI Special Master, I Negotiate eDiscovery Protocols for Electronic Evidence Exchange Between Parties'
eDiscovery Protocols to Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Digital Age
  1. Focused Motion Practice: We can assist your law firm in identifying the key issues that truly matter in your case, streamlining your motion practice, and avoiding unnecessary motions.
  2. Customized E-Discovery Protocols: Our expertise enables us to devise tailored e-discovery protocols that align with the specific requirements of your cases, ensuring a structured and efficient approach to handling electronically stored information (ESI).
  3. Expert Search Criteria and Protocols: By recommending effective search criteria and protocols, we enhance the accuracy and precision of your e-discovery process, facilitating the identification and retrieval of relevant ESI.
  4. Technology Implementation Guidance: We provide valuable insights into technology implementation choices, such as data sampling, native file format production, rolling productions, and imaging protocols. This guidance ensures that you adopt the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for your e-discovery needs.
  5. Expert Advice to the Court: With our extensive knowledge in e-discovery, we can propose rulings or offer expert advice to the court regarding e-discovery motions and cost-sharing issues, providing valuable assistance in complex legal matters.
  6. Comprehensive ESI Preparation: Our team is equipped to handle the collection, preservation, and processing of electronically stored information, preparing it for legal review and production. This end-to-end support streamlines the e-discovery process and ensures the presentation of relevant and reliable evidence in your cases.

By partnering with Howe Law Firm, your law firm gains access to specialized expertise that optimizes your e-discovery strategies. Our comprehensive services facilitate efficient and effective handling of electronically stored information, empowering your firm to achieve favorable outcomes in the most challenging legal scenarios.

Who Pays Special Master Fees?

Generally, with a Special Master, both parties will share the expert’s fees. However, in certain situations, the court may decide to appoint a special master, especially in cases where the subject matter is highly technical or complex. In such instances, the court may pay the expert witness fees to ensure impartiality and avoid potential biases that could arise if one party were solely responsible for selecting and compensating the expert. In other situations, one party may agree to pay the special master fees and the court may subsequently allocate special master fees between the parties.

FRCP 53, FRCP 16, and FRCP 27: How We Can Assist as Lawyer Technologists

At our firm, as lawyer technologists, we possess unique expertise that allows us to serve in significant capacities under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 53, 16, and 27, as well as their state equivalents.

FRCP 53 – Special Masters and Court-Appointed Experts: We are well-equipped to serve as Special Masters under FRCP 53 or court-appointed experts to address complex e-discovery matters efficiently and cost-effectively. Our specialized knowledge in technology and legal practices positions us to provide invaluable insights and guidance, aiding the court and counsel in navigating the intricacies of the e-discovery process.

FRCP 16 and FRCP 27 – Discovery Plan and Relevant Data Sampling: Additionally, we offer our expertise in helping the court and counsel identify the most relevant data as evidence, adhering to best practices and the amended federal rules governing e-discovery. By collaborating with all parties involved, we contribute to devising a fair Discovery Plan in line with FRCP Rules 16 and 27, ensuring a structured and effective approach to e-discovery.

With our extensive experience and understanding of both legal and technological aspects, we strive to streamline the e-discovery process, promote cooperation among parties, and achieve the ultimate goal of delivering cost-efficient and reliable outcomes. Rely on us as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of e-discovery, guided by the principles set forth in FRCP 53, FRCP 16, and FRCP 27, as well as relevant state regulations.

Special Master Services Near Me

We provide Special Master services for litigants throughout the United States, in federal and state court cases.