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Discover the Benefits of Choosing Howe Law Firm for Your Document Review Needs

We charge reduced hourly rates for document review services.

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Document review is an important part of electronic discovery.

Why you should choose Howe Law Firm for you legal review:

  • Reduced Hourly Rates: Take advantage of our exclusive discounted hourly rates, with charges as low as $225. Our cost-effective pricing ensures top-notch legal services without breaking the bank.
  • Trial Experience: Benefit from our extensive trial experience, equipping us with invaluable insights into effective document review techniques. We possess the expertise to handle complex electronic evidence searches with utmost precision.
  • Forensics Expertise: As experts in forensics, we possess the ability to efficiently cull Electronically Stored Information (ESI), drastically reducing your legal review requirements. Save time and resources without compromising on quality.
  • Cutting-Edge Forensics Services: With our proprietary Black Box technology, we can remotely collect data from various devices and accounts, such as phones and emails. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your devices on-site while we handle the process seamlessly.
  • Uncompromising Defensibility: Rest assured that our equipment and forensic services are fully defensible. In the event of any legal challenges, we provide declarations or expert witness testimony as needed. Our forensic process has an impeccable record, never being successfully challenged in any federal or state court.

By choosing Howe Law Firm, you gain access to unmatched expertise, reduced costs, and defensible collections, making us the ultimate partner for your document review requirements. Outsource your legal review needs to us and experience the difference in quality and efficiency today.

Legal Review Platforms

How Much Will Legal Review Cost?

The time required for completing the review of your Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is influenced by several key factors:

  • Document Types: The variety of document types within the ESI collection plays a crucial role in determining the review duration. Different document formats may require varying levels of analysis and consideration.
  • Document Length: Naturally, document length is another critical aspect affecting the total review time. Lengthy documents demand more time for careful examination, while shorter text messages may be reviewed more swiftly.
  • ESI Culling: The extent to which the ESI has been culled to remove unresponsive data programmatically affects the overall volume of data subject to review. A well-executed culling process can significantly expedite the review process.
  • Review Platform: The choice of the review platform is instrumental in streamlining the review. Utilizing an appropriate platform that aligns with the types of documents subject to review can enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • Reviewer Knowledge: The proficiency of the reviewers in understanding the case’s complexities and the technology used for review plays a vital role. Well-informed reviewers can navigate the ESI more effectively, leading to a more efficient review process.

Considering these factors, we work diligently to assess your specific requirements and tailor our approach accordingly. Once we have a sample of the data set, we can give you an estimate of legal review time. While providing timely results is our priority, ensuring a thorough and accurate review remains paramount. As each case is unique, we collaborate closely with you to determine an estimated timeframe for completion based on the specific characteristics of your ESI and review objectives. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality results within the most reasonable and realistic time frame possible.

Introducing Responsive Mid-Search Sampling

Once the review is in progress, we offer the option to sample a batch of items already marked as responsive. This strategic mid-review sampling allows us to verify the effectiveness of the applied key terms and optimizes the review process.

By analyzing this sampled subset, we can determine if the key terms are appropriate or should be adjusted. This ensures that we strike the right balance between avoiding overly broad results, which may include irrelevant documents, and missing important information due to overly narrow search parameters.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance means that we proactively fine-tune our search criteria based on the insights gained from mid-search sampling. This iterative approach maximizes the accuracy and efficiency of the review, ultimately leading to more reliable and comprehensive results.

With Responsive Mid-Search Sampling, you can be confident that our review process is adaptive, meticulous, and finely tailored to meet your specific needs. Partner with us to experience an optimized document review that delivers precise, actionable results.

Consider our Evidence Reports

For lower volume cases, we typically recommend our Evidence Reports as an alternative to document review services. Our Evidence Reports come in an easy-to-recognize and widely-understood Excel format.

  • No Training is Needed. The prevalence of Excel means that most employees doing legal document review are already familiar with the software, thus minimizing training time.
  • Find Your Hot-Docs Quickly. Sort all files based on type, date, or sender/receiver. Search by Keywords.
  • Bates Numbers. Each item comes with a Bates stamp to facilitate quick legal production, depositions, and trial exhibits.

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