Asset and Background Reports

Our Asset Search and Background Reports help you find hidden assets and provide a comprehensive background check. For example, our reports can help you need to uncover financial infidelity ahead of a divorce, discover assets to satisfy delinquent debts, or investigate the stability of a potential business partner. 

  • Uncover financial infidelity. 
  • Comprehensive background check. 
  • Flat Fee Services – National search across all 50 states.

Asset Search 

As mentioned, our Asset Search is comprehensive and locates your spouse’s or business partner’s personal and business properties. We review public records databases, including court records, public registrations, UCC filings, and more, to find hidden or otherwise unknown assets, such as:  

  • Title documents.
  • Property tax records. 
  • Stock certificates. 
  • Registrations revealing purchases of vehicles, boats, or planes.  
  • Collateral used for a business loan.  
  • Settlements or other financial awards as a result of litigation.  
  • Stocks, income streams, or other properties.
  • Unclaimed property.

Background Report  

In addition to the comprehensive Asset Search, with our background check you get essential information to make informed decisions. Our Background Report includes:  

  • Criminal Records: Arrests and convictions. 
  • Court Records: Probation, tickets, fines, and lawsuits. 
  • Marriage and Divorce Records. 
  • Relatives and Known Associates. 
  • Address history. 
  • Social Media Search.
Asset Search and Background Report

Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce 

The first step, If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, is to search for records you already have access to. For example, you may have access to some account statements, joint tax returns, and others we can help you locate. We combine information and data collected from computers, phones, or other devices, with public records databases across the nation and all 50 states. 

Let our hidden asset investigation help you get a fair divorce settlement! 

Asset Search – After a Death 

To settle an estate efficiently, you need to identify all assets and debts quickly. If your loved one didn’t leave behind an organized listing of all accounts, it will be challenging to close the estate. We will look for and recover hidden or deleted bank statements, tax returns, or insurance policies. 

To learn more about public records, refer to these resources: