Price & Cost Guide: eDiscovery Forensics Expert Services

Our eDiscovery and computer and mobile forensics services costs are flat-fee based. Whether you need evidence from mobile phones, computers, email accounts, social media accounts, or other devices and accounts, we offer our digital forensics services at flat-fee costs and pricing. Remote collection services available!

Predictable Pricing for Mobile and Computer Forensics, Flat Fee Cost

At our company, we understand the importance of providing transparent and predictable pricing for our clients. That’s why we offer flat fees for all our mobile, computer, email, and social media forensics services. We believe in helping our clients effectively manage and control their eDiscovery costs, which is why we ensure our prices are clear and upfront. With us, there are no hidden charges for shipping, data storage, or even consultation with our experts. We believe in providing a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for our clients, ensuring they receive the best value for their investment in our services.

Electronic devices resting on a binary code featuring a price tag, accompanied by the phrase "predictable costs, flat fee pricing”
  • No Hidden Costs or Hourly Rates!  Our flat-fee model ensures complete transparency and predictability, empowering you to make informed decisions about your investigation.
  • Going Beyond Collections! No charge for emails, or phone calls, data storage, or strategizing your discovery protocol.
  • By Lawyers for Lawyers! Our firm blends technical and legal expertise to help you find the evidence you need quickly.
  • Convenience! The most popular feature of our collections is our ability to do collections remotely. We ship our proprietary Black Box to you or to your clients. You do not have to ship your phone or computer.
  • Expert Witness Services! As needed we can provide expert services and serve as your party’s expert, joint (neutral) expert for all parties, or Special Master.