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Document Review by Lawyers for Lawyers

Let Howe Law Firm do your document review to meet your discovery deadlines quickly and efficiently. We provide legal review throughout the U.S. for law firms. Meanwhile, your internal team can stay focused on the strategy, claims, and defenses in the case.

Document Review

Why Choose Howe Law Firm for Document Review

  • U.S. Based Lawers. U.S. licensed lawyers are familiar with our legal framework, language, and culture.
  • Trial Experience. Our lawyers bring their trial experience to identify key documents.
  • eDiscovery Experts. As evidence lawyers, we can help you apply culling strategies to focus legal review on the data types and sources most likely to contain relevant information. Our smart culling strategies will get you what you need quickly and efficiently!
  • Multiple Languages. Spanish and English language ESI supported.

How Much Does Document Review Cost?

We charge reduced hourly rates for document review. See our current fees here. With sample data, we can provide you with a cost and time estimate.

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Document Review of ESI Electronic Stored Information

How Long Will it Take to Review my ESI?

The amount of time it will take to complete your document review depends on a number of factors:

  • What document types?
  • Are they lengthy documents, or short text messages?
  • Has the ESI been culled to programmatically weed out unresponsive data?
  • What review platform are you relying on, and it is the ideal platform for the types of documents subject to review?
  • How knowledgeable are your reviewers about the issues in the case, and the technology being used?

Responsive Mid-Search Sampling

After the review has gotten underway, you can sample a batch of items marked responsive. By sampling mid-review, you can verify whether the key terms being applied are too broad or too narrow. We can then adjust as needed.

Evidence Lawyers are Here to Help!

As frequent advisors in eDiscovery and forensics concerns, we can help you identify the key custodians and data types most likely to hold relevant information. Our goal is to work smarter, not harder!

Not ready to use contract lawyers for document review? Consider our Evidence Reports

For lower volume cases, we typically recommend our Evidence Reports. Our Evidence Reports come in an easy-to-recognize and widely-understood Excel format.

  • No Training is Needed. The prevalence of Excel means that most employees doing legal document review are already familiar with the software, thus minimizing training time.
  • Find Your Hot-Docs Quickly. Sort all files based on type, date, or sender/receiver. Search by Keywords.
  • Bates Numbers. Each item comes with a Bates stamp to facilitate quick legal production, depositions, and trial exhibits.
Benefits of Evidence PDF Reports

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