iPad Tablet Forensics & Evidence

While tablet popularity, including iPads, has decreased since their initial launch over a decade ago, they may still contain valuable evidence. iPad tablet forensics is likely to play a role in various litigations, such as company-provided tablets or in divorce cases where a spouse frequently travels with a tablet. For example, you might find the following types of evidence on a tablet:

  • Photos 
  • Chat messages
  • Internet history
  • GPS history
  • Social media activity 
iPad and tablet resting on top of fast-moving data. Digital Evidence Collection in Motion
iPad and Tablet Forensics: Electronic Evidence with Remote Collection Solution.

iPads, like their sibling iPhones, all run iOS and do not come with expandable memory capacity, such as a micro SD card. This allows our iPad tablet forensics investigator to focus the same forensic tools and procedures across these Apple products.

Remote Collection

We handle the data extraction remotely. This means you, your client, or your witness do not have to ship their iPad tablet to us. Instead, we ship you our BlackBox and conduct the forensics examination remotely. Then, you return the BlackBox to us using our pre-paid shipping label and box.

Our iPad and Android tablet forensics collect evidence from your tablets and create searchable Evidence Reports for lawyers. Our forensics process uses discovery protocols to reduce the amount of evidence subject to legal review.  

Legal review with eDiscovery services is the most time-consuming and costly part of lawsuits. First, we save you and your client money with an effective Discovery Protocol. Then, we simplify the document review. We will produce for you the relevant, non-privileged electronic evidence for review in a convenient Excel Evidence Report.

  • Faster and less expensive electronic review.  
  • Encrypted storage maintains your data integrity.  
  • Recovery of deleted data available.  

eDiscovery Forensics Fees