Office & Business Surveillance

Rapid changes in technology over the last 20 years have made surveillance equipment more affordable and available to a wider range of individuals. Business surveillance is no longer limited to just the largest of corporations, rather, smaller family businesses are increasingly subject to spying.  

We bug sweep offices, conference rooms, analyze business routers, and more to uncover covert surveillance on your business or in your office. 

Do you suspect your office has been compromised?

Business Bug Sweep Services Cost

TSCM bug sweep of your business or office to find hidden cameras, microphones, and other devices. ($2.00 / sq ft, Minimum Price = $3,975 covers up to 2000 sq ft).

$2 / SQ FT

Common Reasons for Business Surveillance 

Businesses large and small are targets of surveillance for a variety of reasons. In addition, surveillance equipment now comes in so many shapes and sizes, that it is easier than ever for someone to covertly spy on your business. The cause could be anything from general distrust to attempted trade secret theft for a competitive advantage. Specific examples include: 

  • A spouse in a family law matter wants information related to a spouse’s business valuation; 
  • Business partners dispute arises, and one ends up spying on the other; 
  • A competitor tries to steal business ideas and intellectual property from the business; 
  • One business seeks an advantage over another during active litigation between the two companies; 
  • A state regulatory agency is pursuing enforcement of claims against the business and an overly zealous regulator tries to gain information; 
  • Stockholders are upset about business performance and conduct surveillance to figure out what is happening and to try to remove current management. 
Counter Surveillance Services for your Business Office

Counter Surveillance Measures  

  • First, take a look around and see if anything looks recently disturbed. Generally, when someone is installing hidden microphones or cameras, they are in a hurry. Thus, they are likely to leave behind evidence of disturbance. Look for fixtures, light covers, or baseboards, that are slightly off position. Or, look for drywall dust if any drilling occurred. Read more about common signs of surveillance.
  • Have the premises swept for surveillance equipment.  
  • Consider whether you need to also sweep business vehicles and other equipment such as company phones, computers, and routers.