Case Types

With over 25 years of experience in law and technology, we have worked on a great variety of legal cases. For any case type from divorce to criminal, eDiscovery and forensics play a key role. We bring this depth of experience to help you navigate the challenges posed by eDiscovery and forensics as smoothly as possible. Read more about the most common cases we’ve been involved in.

 Litigation Cases and ESI

Business Litigation

Business litigation includes business valuation disputes, breach of contract, and more. Forensics in these case types often involve smartphones, computers, and email accounts. Learn more…

Class Action

Certainly, forensics and eDiscovery can be daunting in large class action cases. In other words, there may be hundreds of people involved with differing levels of digital evidence. Fortunately, we can help. Learn more…

Criminal Law

Whether you represent the defense or prosecution, digital evidence likely plays a critical role. For example, GPS location data, email forensics, and internet search history may hold the critical missing piece to definitively show innocence or guilt no matter the type of case. Learn more…

Employment Law

We’ve worked with both employers and employees in pursuing or defending their claims. Computers, phones, email accounts frequently provide key evidence in these cases. Learn more…

Family Law

Frequently, forensics plays a key role in all legal case types of family law from divorce and separation to custody and support agreements. Whether you need to identify hidden assets, prove parenting abilities, or challenge the other spouse’s stated income, our forensics specialists will help you find the evidence quickly. Learn more…

Personal Injury Law

Similarly, forensics may play a key role in your personal injury litigation, whether you are the injured on defending a claim. Learn more…

Your Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Expert Services

Expert Witness – Your Party Witness

We often assist law firms as e-Discovery and digital forensics expert services. As your party witness, we will have a confidential relationship and can assist throughout the case. Learn more about how we can help as an Expert Witness

Joint Expert Witness – A Neutral Expert

Looking for a more collaborative solution? Consider retaining us as your Joint Expert Witness services to guide your eDiscovery process. Why not use a Joint Expert for Electronic Discovery?

Special Master

Nothing is more counter-productive than lawyers arguing technical e-discovery issues when an expert in the field can quickly identify and mediate the issues. A Special Master, or court-appointed digital forensics expert, is a valuable resource to settle eDiscovery issues in any case. Learn More…

Additional Expert Services

To help keep you and your firm in compliance, we help your staff with FRCP Rule 26 disclosures, FRCP Rule 16 discovery plans, and FRCP Rule 26(g) certifications of completeness and accuracy of e-discovery responses.