e-Discovery and Forensics

We provide a full range of e-discovery and forensic data collection services for legal cases. For example: imaging computers and cell phones; collecting data from computers, servers, and databases; providing search technologies for computer and online data; providing expert witness services; and providing trial presentations and evidence presentations.

We help law firms throughout the United States with Digital Evidence

See the list below to learn more about our eDiscovery, Counter Surveillance, and Expert Services:

Smartphone Evidence

Most of us have dropped a phone from time to time, so no matter the condition of your phone, our experts forensically collect evidence from cell phones for your case. Our technology extracts and collects cell phone emails, text messages, log files, photographs, videos, and other information. Learn More….

Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation
GPS and Location Evidence

Email Evidence

Nearly all litigation cases rely on communication history between people. Critically, our email forensics provides you with all emails. To make review easier, we can organize the evidence by the sender, receiver, search term, or other criteria to support the claims and defenses in your case. Learn More….

Computer Evidence

Because of the variety of computer systems, our forensic evidence collection services work on almost all types of desktops, laptops, and computer applications. For example, our forensics technology extracts and collects PDFs, Word files, metadata, photographs, videos, and other evidence from computers. Learn More…

Electronic Discovery and Forensics
Computer and Smart phone forensics

Social Media Evidence

Increasingly, people are sharing and storing greater amounts of information on social media platforms. Frequently, this information is key evidence in family, employment, or other business litigation. When building a case, we forensically collect and preserve data from the array of social networks used by your spouse, employee, or business partner. Learn More…

Online Cloud Evidence

Matching the growth of social media-based evidence, cloud usage is also growing. For this reason, lawyers must go beyond specific electronic devices and cull evidence from various cloud-based services for documents, spreadsheets, communications, and more. Our forensic data collection services extend to cloud-based services such as Google Docs, iCloud, Dropbox, and more. Learn More…

Website Evidence

In addition to social media, other areas of the Internet also contain information left behind by spouses, employees, or business partners. Consequently, we use a range of search engines to find additional evidence, which we track and monitor to help clients build their cases. Learn More…

It’s no secret that legal review with eDiscovery services is often the most time-consuming and costly part of lawsuits. To make it easy, we will produce for you the relevant, non-privileged electronic evidence in either: In-House Document Review Software for electronic evidence, or in a convenient Desktop Evidence ReportLearn More…

Smartphone Evidence Report Won Case
eDiscovery Most Important Tip!

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