Breach of Contract

Forensics Secure Evidence in your Breach of Contract Case

Without question, evidence collection with digital forensics in breach of contract cases can be complicated. In particular, because relevant data can be in so many places: phones, computers, documents, websites, and social media. Our digital forensics simplifies the process for you with remote evidence collection, efficient discovery protocols, easy to use evidence reports, and most importantly – flat fee pricing.

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Trust Unravels – Broken Contract
Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation
Computer and Smartphone Forensics

Real Case Example

An employee sued his employer for breach of an Employment Contract. In this case, the boss fired the employee without a one-month notice. Most states are at-will employment, however, this can be changed by agreements, as it was between these parties. Specifically, the Employment Contact stated that a one-month notice was required if the employee was terminated “without cause.” For this breach of contract case, some of the evidence we were able to help locate quickly with digital forensics included:

  • Text messages showing the employee took unauthorized vacation time.
  • The contract did not have a definition of the word “cause.”
  • GPS information showed the employee on personal errands during business travel.
  • Internet history showed the employee accessing competitor websites presumably to seek other employment.
  • The email showed the employee sending racy photos to other employees.
Smartphone Evidence Report Won Case

Sample text message:

Phil:      “Why have you fired me?”

Lily:       “Because we found someone more suitable for the position.”

Phil:      “According to our agreement, you are required to give me a one-month notice.”

Lily:       “What are you going to do about it?”

Social Media Evidence PDF Reports

Benefits & Features of Remote Forensics in your Breach of Contract Claim

Fortunately, our simple remote forensic solutions get all the evidence you need in your breach of contract case. 

Fast & Convenient

Receive our Remote Collection Unit at your doorstep in 1-2 days. After you receive the Unit, we begin the collection. Typically, you’ll have your evidence report within 5 days, but expedited services are available. As an added bonus, you do not give up possession of your phone, tablet, or computer. Often the collections are done while you sleep.


Above all, we want to protect you and your data’s security. When we collect your evidence, we use an encrypted storage device to protect the integrity of your data. In addition, we do all this remotely at our secure Data Center, and  without in-person contact.


Hands down, our most popular benefit is our transparent flat-fee pricing. The flat-fee services are all-inclusive. Therefore, we don’t charge for phone calls, emails, meetings, or hard drives to store the data.

See all our flat fees here.

Our Forensics Reduce your Breach of Contract Claim Costs

Once we’ve identified all sources of evidence, we forensically extract the images, videos, text messages, call logs, notes, voicemail, and application data. You can imagine that quickly becomes an overwhelming amount of items to sort through. For your breach of contract claim, our forensics expert will work with you to develop a Discovery Protocol and apply effective culling strategies. This way we reduce the amount of data and by extension, your eDiscovery costs.

For example, we focus the review on certain timeframes with begin and end-date filters, or to only those messages sent or received from certain people. In addition, our forensic analyst will also work with you to exclude other items, confidential and privileged communications. 

After reducing the amount of data, we produce evidence in one of two platforms. We will produce for you the relevant, non-privileged electronic evidence in either: In-House Document Review Software for electronic evidence, or in a convenient Desktop Evidence Report. The size of your case and the volume of data will indicate the platform that is best for you. Read more about either of those here.

Internet Browser History
GPS and Location Evidence