Domestic Violence

Family Law, Domestic Violence, and Evidence you Need

It’s well known, that family law and domestic violence collide all too often. Commonly, cases at this intersection include divorce or separation, child abuse, custody, spousal abuse, restraining orders, stalking, and more. Therefore, we provide lawyers with digital evidence from computers, cell phones, and online data sources relating to domestic violence.

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Digital Evidence in Intimate Partner Abuse Cases

While photographic evidence is compelling, increasingly, other digital evidence plays a larger role in domestic violence-related cases. To illustrate, consider the myriad of ways that one could document abuse through digital footprints:

  • Call log history from the abuser
  • GPS data history showing the abuser following the victim
  • Threats and other emotional abusive text messages
  • Metadata with photos showing exactly when and where a photograph of the abuse was taken
Video and Microphones

A note of caution, digital evidence can be used for and against victims and survivors. For example, if a jury is unaware of the common power dynamics and cycles in a domestic violence relationship, they may misinterpret a history of phone calls from the victim to the abuser, after specific incidents of the alleged abuse. In addition, old social media posts could harm your client’s credibility. Equally important, the jury needs to understand how technology and different social media platforms work. Specifically, consider that Snapchat messages automatically disappear after viewing.

GPS and Location Evidence

We Remotely Collect your Digital Evidence from any Device or Account

We are lawyers certified in digital forensics services. With our Remote Collection Unit, we remotely collect your digital evidence wherever UPS or Federal Express ships.

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Additional Resources

Above all, we want you to be safe. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, here are a few resources.