Disability & Discrimination

Digital Forensics for Disability Discrimination

Are you a victim of disability discrimination? Computer forensics helps evaluate disability discrimination claims by quickly identifying key evidence in texts, emails, company documents, and more.

Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation

Our Forensics Reduce your Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Cost

We have helped law firms across the country access critical evidence for their cases. We know that time is of the essence, and thus, we work diligently to provide the services you need to provide your clients with the best possible representation.

Efficient Evidence Review with Culling Strategies

Once we’ve identified all sources of evidence, we forensically extract the text messages, documents, and more. You can imagine that quickly becomes an overwhelming amount of items to sort through. For your age discrimination claim, our forensics expert will work with you to develop a Discovery Protocol and apply effective culling strategies. This way we reduce the amount of data and by extension, your eDiscovery costs.

For example, we focus the review on certain timeframes with begin and end-date filters, or to only those messages sent or received from certain people. In addition, our forensic analyst will also work with you to exclude other items, such as confidential information and privileged communications.

Once we’ve culled the data, we apply custom search terms to find all text messages, emails, and documents related to the case. For example, we use disability law search terms in our database, and custom search terms you provide us to sort through.

We can access photos, text messages, emails, phone calls, videos, and social media data, as well as ensuring that all evidence that we provide can be authenticated and admissible in court. Our experience in electronic discovery dates back to 1998, and we can help you find evidence in all kinds of disability cases:

  • Physical Disability Discrimination
  • Mental Disability Discrimination
Internet Browser History
GPS and Location Evidence

Real Case Example

A company removes the disability ramps leading up to the building so they can build new flower beds. Coincidently, a woman in a wheelchair was fired the previous week.

  • Emails showed management decided to pursue the renovation even though they had a disabled employee.
  • Documents showed the employee had excellent reviews, and she received an employee award the previous month.
  • A spreadsheet did show a history of employee absences.
  • Social media showed that the employee was having problems with the company and was considering finding another position anyway.

Here is a text exchange from the case, names altered, of course:

  • Mary:    “Have you heard they are removing the ramp in front of the building?”
  • Joe:        “Yeah, how is Lucy going to get in with her wheelchair?”
  • Mary:    “Didn’t you hear? She was fired last week.”
  • Joe:       “What for? She received an award a month ago for outstanding performance?”
Smartphone Evidence Report Won Case

Benefits of Remote Evidence Collection

Fast & Convenient

Receive our Remote Collection Unit at your doorstep in 1-2 days. After you receive the Unit, we begin the collection. Typically, you’ll have your evidence report within 5 days, but expedited services are available. As an added bonus, you do not give up possession of your phone, tablet, or computer. Often the collections are done while you sleep.


Above all, we want to protect you and your data’s security. When we collect your evidence, we use an encrypted storage device to protect the integrity of your data. In addition, we do all this remotely at our secure Data Center, and  without in-person contact.


Hands down, our most popular benefit is our transparent flat-fee pricing. The flat-fee services are all-inclusive. Therefore, we don’t charge for phone calls, emails, meetings, or hard drives to store the data.

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