Family & Medical Leave

Digital Forensics in Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Claims

If you are defending or pursuing a claim under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), computer and cell phone forensics can play a crucial role in evaluating these claims. With the advancement of technology, communication has increasingly shifted towards digital platforms such as texts, emails, and company documents. Computer and cell phone forensics experts possess the skills and tools necessary to extract and analyze relevant data from these sources, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of FMLA claims. By quickly identifying key family and medical leave evidence, such as communication between parties involved and relevant documents, these experts contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of the claim process. Their expertise ensures that all pertinent information is considered, enabling a fair and informed decision regarding FMLA claims.

Employment Law E-Discovery

We help you to secure evidence that will support your case. It doesn’t matter whether you are defending an employer or representing the plaintiff employee. We have helped Employment Law Firms in the past and can collect data from a huge variety of sources so if there is evidence to be found, you can trust in us to find it including:

  • Unauthorized Medical Leave
  • Dismissal over Sick Days
  • Leave Unjustly Denied
  • Funeral Leave Unauthorized
E-Discovery Most Important Tip!

We understand that a single key piece of evidence could mean the difference between losing a case and winning it entirely, and that is why we will work with you and your firm to get you the results you need when you need them.

Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation

Case Example

Example: A man tries to take a leave from work for his mother’s funeral. The boss says if he takes another day off, he will be fired. He attends the funeral anyway and his boss fired him. Some of the family and medical leave evidence included:

  • A letter from the funeral home stated the only day the funeral could be booked was on a workday.
  • The phone call log showed the employee was making work calls after hours and on weekends to keep up with work.
  • The employee has lied about absences in the past (discovered through text messages and social media posts) and had been given multiple warnings according to company data.

Text Message Example:

Mary:    “I need to take a day off on Friday; I’ve worked extra hours, so I’m entitled to it.”

Kate:     “You have had too many days off already.”

Mary:    “It’s my mother’s funeral, I need to have the day off, it’s within my legal rights.”

Kate:     “I suggest you find another job!”

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