What kind of TSCM or counter surveillance equipment do you use in a bug sweep?

We use a variety of equipment and techniques to do a thorough bug sweep or TSCM sweep. This includes:
• Advanced near-field detection receiver (including RF detector) to scan for and locate various types of eavesdropping devices (including microphones and cameras) across the frequency spectrum from 10 kHz to 12 GHz.
• Non-Linear Junction Detector to detect electronic semi-conductor components in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, containers, or other surfaces. This includes detecting and locating hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic devices regardless of whether the surveillance device is radiating, hard-wired, or turned off.
• Spectrum Analyzer to detect known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions throughout a wide frequency range up to 12 GHz.
• Testing equipment to discover very low frequency (VLF) through carrier current (electrical transmissions).
• Electrical and Magnetic signal detection.
• Thermal imaging device with forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) to identify infrared (IR) and heat signatures of electronic devices on, near or within ceilings, walls, floors, vents, furniture, artwork, clothing, lights, switches, personal property, and electronic equipment on the premises.
• Search for voice recordings with parabolic microphones through windows. Check RF attenuation for free passage for RF signal through the windows.
• Use a drone to search for surveillance cameras, microphones, and antennas on the outside of homes and office buildings.