Race and Color Discrimination

Use Forensics to Find Race or Color Discrimination Evidence

We are E-Discovery lawyers and forensics experts providing services to law firms throughout the United States. Our digital forensics handle collection, preservation, and electronic evidence production for race and color discrimination claims. Whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant, our team will strategize and work to get you the results you need.

Unity against race discrimination - Secure your race discrimination evidence quickly with our remote computer and mobile forensics.
Hidden in Plain Sight: uncovering evidence of racial discrimination through devices we hold every day.

Employment Law E-Discovery

Computer and Smartphone Forensics

How Digital Forensics Play a Key Role

With all the time and effort that goes into eDiscovery, we ensure your evidence remains admissible in court. Our forensic software and collection practices are fully defensible preserving the integrity of the evidence for your discrimination claim.

E-Discovery Most Important Tip!

Case Study

Supervisors repeatedly passed over a Native American woman for a management position. During the 15 years with the employer, she always received stellar reviews. She finally filed a discrimination claim after her supervisor passed her for the third time. The employee who was promoted over her, was less qualified, had fewer years at the company, and did not have outstanding work performance. Digital forensics found the following evidence to support her race discrimination claim:

  • Document files verified that she always received top-notch reviews.
  • A text message of the hiring manager stated that he wanted to hire other managers that were “like him.”
  • Found two emails where the hiring manager made a racial slur.
Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation

Text Message Example:

Robert: “We need to get the new management position filled. Have you made up your mind yet? Why don’t you just hire Mika? She seems deserving?”

John:     “I don’t know if I can work with her. I can’t stand all the Indian jewelry other crap in her cubicle.”

Learn more about racial discrimination in the workplace here from the EEOC.

Internet Browser History
GPS and Location Evidence

Remote Forensics Simplify Your Legal Disputes

Our simple remote forensics can help you get all the potentially relevant evidence you need to keep your race discrimination claim moving along. 

Fast & Convenient

Receive our Remote Collection Unit at your doorstep in 1-2 days. After you receive the Unit, we begin the collection. Typically, you’ll have your evidence report within 5 days, but expedited services are available. As an added bonus, you do not give up possession of your phone, tablet, or computer. Often the collections are done while you sleep.


Above all, we want to protect you and your data’s security. When we collect your evidence, we use an encrypted storage device to protect the integrity of your data. In addition, we do all this remotely at our secure Data Center, and  without in-person contact.


In fact, our most popular benefit is our transparent flat-fee pricing. The flat-fee services are all-inclusive. Therefore, we don’t charge for phone calls, emails, meetings, or hard drives to store the data.

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