Employment Severance Evidence

Gathering Evidence for Employment Severance Disputes

Whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant in employment severance disputes, you likely need to review digital evidence. Fortunately, we forensically collect and produce digital from emails, computers, and more to help you prepare for settlement or trial.

Tense employment severance meeting: Man's focused phone scrutiny hints at heightened tension and possible digital evidence involvement.
Tense severance talks. Phone focus reflects digital evidence weight in the dispute?
Computer and Smartphone Forensics

Case Study

Consider this case, where a woman worked for Company A for over 20 years. When she started with Company A, they promised her a generous severance pay policy. Company policy calculated severance pay in the amount of one week’s pay for each year she worked. This was a common practice of the company. Because of the economic downturn, the company laid her off. However, the company only gave her two-weeks’ notice and pay. Consequently, she filed a lawsuit for breach of contract to claim the unpaid severance pay.

We collected digital evidence from computers and emails regarding the employment severance agreement. In particular, this evidence revealed:

  • Emails show that when the new owner took over the company, he was well aware of the severance pay agreement and that he agreed to honor the severance pay agreement in the company purchase agreement.
  • Human Resource records showed the length of time the company employed her.
  • A review of information on the employee’s computer and file share showed that she was terminated for cause.
Importance of Smartphone Evidence to Litigation

Email Message Example:

Linda:   “Congratulations on the new purchase of the company. One question, will the severance package remain the same?”

Paul:     “Yes, the severance package will not change. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

Smartphone Evidence PDF Reports

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