Legal Review Platform

Two Convenient Document Review Software Platforms for Electronic Evidence

Legal review with eDiscovery services is the most time-consuming and costly part of lawsuits. First, we save you and your client money with an effective Discovery Protocol. Then, we simplify the document review. We will produce for you the relevant, non-privileged electronic evidence in either:

  • In-House Document Review Software, or
  • Desktop Evidence Report.

Other advantages include: 

  • Faster and Easier Discovery at a Lower Cost 
  • We do not charge:
    • Setup Fees 
    • per GB Hosting Fees 
    • Project Management Fees 
  • And you save on IT involvement at your firm.

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Which Document Review Software for Electronic Evidence Is Right for You? 

Legal Review Platforms

Desktop Evidence Reports 

In typical cases (e.g., family law, employment, business disputes, and criminal cases), we suggest a proportional Discovery Protocol to limit the legal review to only responsive and relevant text messages, emails, documents, and other electronically stored information (ESI). This reduces the time and cost of unnecessary legal review.

If the resulting dataset is small to medium size, law firms prefer our Desktop Evidence Reports that include Bates stamped combined PDF files that contain the original text messages and all attachments, emails with the original email and attachments, and a separate spreadsheet with the metadata. Our Desktop Evidence Reports have many benefits:

  • Desktop Review. No upload and download to cloud servers; faster response time because the files are all stored locally (not slowed down by Internet traffic), and are more secure from online hackers.
  • Faster Review. Reviewing spreadsheets of evidence is much faster, especially when dealing with text messages. Many online review tools treat each text message as a document. Each text message (e.g., “ok”, “Great”, “later”), requires the reviewer to move to a separate screen. With our Desktop Evidence Reports, you skim down columns quickly to find what you need instead of paging from one screen to the next.
  • Exhibits. For federal and state courts and depositions, PDF documents are the standard. You will review the PDF documents as they appear in the final exhibits.
  • No Training Needed. The prevalence of Microsoft Excel means most employee’s doing legal document review are already familiar with the software, thus minimizing training time.
  • Sortable. Sort all files based on type, date, or more.
  • Searchable. Search by keyword or phrase.
  • Efficient. Each item comes with a Bates stamp to facilitate quick legal production, depositions, and trial exhibits.
Desktop Evidence Report

In-House Document Review Software 

Our proprietary software is great for higher-volume eDiscovery cases. It is simple and easy to use. Unlike many vendors, our solution is desktop-based. While cloud-based software is attractive for many business purposes, it has drawbacks for legal document review. For purposes of litigation, we strongly believe that a desktop solution is better. For example, with desktop software solutions you will see: 

  • Faster. Avoid delays in communicating and syncing over the internet.
  • Secure. Keep your client’s data out of the cloud and on your law firm’s network.
  • Cost-Effective. Desktop solutions eliminate monthly data-hosting fees.  
Legal Review Software

Remote eDiscovery by Lawyers for Lawyers 

We handle the data extraction remotely with our Remote Collection Unit. This means we will ship you our BlackBox and conduct the forensics examination remotely. Then, you return the BlackBox to us using our pre-paid shipping label and box. Once complete, you choose either the Desktop Evidence Report or In-House Document Review Software for digital evidence for easy legal review. 

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