Discovery Requests & Pleading Preparation

As eDiscovery lawyers and forensics experts, we are uniquely positioned to help you through the entire discovery process. Whether you are new to litigation or have been around the block, we can help. From beginning to end, we handle forensic imaging and evidence review, the pleading process, and expert services to carry you through trial. Early in the lawsuit, you can count on us for discovery request samples, and to review your pleadings.

We can help with “Discovery Requests” and other pleadings

Discovery Request Samples and More from eDiscovery Professionals

Because so much of our business and personal lives take place online, it’s no surprise that electronically stored information (ESI) plays an outsize role in litigation. Thus, you must ensure that your discovery requests and all pleadings reflect this breadth. In particular, pay attention to how you define ESI. Also, don’t forget to cover all possible sources of electronic evidence. Finally, you also want to tailor your requests to ensure enforceability and avoid challenges for being overbroad.

Family Law E-Discovery
Employment Law E-discovery

Frequently, Our Clients Request Help With These Pleadings and Discovery Request Samples:

  • Depositions
  • Interrogatories
  • Requests for Admission
  • Requests for Production
  • Subpoenas and Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • Requests for Inspection
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Other Expert eDiscovery Services

Aside from discovery request samples, we provide a full range of e-discovery and forensic data collection services for legal cases. From beginning to end, we help you identify the sources of ESI, reduce the amount of data you must review, and ensure you get access to all likely relevant evidence.