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eDiscovery Consulting Services, By Lawyers for Lawyers

As eDiscovery lawyers with decades of legal experience and deep technology backgrounds in computer forensics, our consulting services help you bring eDiscovery services in-house. As a result, you can increase revenue and provide a higher level of service to your clients.

Legal consulting and help with all aspects of electronic discovery

More About Our eDiscovery Consulting Services

We provide a tailored set of eDiscovery consulting services, designed to help you develop a robust e-discovery practice.

Service Overview

Our goal is to enhance your law firm’s eDiscovery abilities in all areas. From initial evidence preservation to the presentation. Our eDiscovery experts complete defensible collection and processing, provide tools for legal review and presentation of electronic evidence. We work with you to develop an eDiscovery Practice Group to handle e-discovery cases, procedures, and workflow.

First, we evaluate your law firm’s current e-discovery practices, including legal forms, systems, workflow, and technology. Based on this evaluation, we draft eDiscovery forms and templates. These may include questionnaires, eDiscovery letters and emails, discovery requests, discovery motions, deposition questions, e-discovery production protocols, and protective orders.

Imagine a customized eDiscovery Procedure Manual for your firm. In this way, everyone at your law firm will follow best practices. Particularly, this includes strategies to defensively preserve, collect, organize, index, search, store, review, annotate, and analyze evidence efficiently.

Rule Compliance

To help keep you and your firm in compliance, we help your staff with FRCP Rule 26 disclosures, FRCP Rule 16 discovery plans, and FRCP Rule 26(g) certifications of completeness and accuracy of e-discovery responses.

Establish Discovery Protocols

As part of developing your discovery protocols, we help you identify potential data sources such as servers, desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, cloud data, social network data, voicemail, backups, and cameras based on your type of case.

We also help your law firm choose ‘best of breed’ vendors to outsource eDiscovery work that cannot be handled in-house (e.g. foreign language data or legacy database). In fact, we can help do blind RFPs to get price quotes and service offerings for e-discovery work that needs to be outsourced.

Staff Training

  • Assisting your law firm with the production and exchange of relevant non-privileged electronic information in native format or other acceptable formats
  • Training lawyers, paralegals, and litigation support staff in all areas of eDiscovery, including efficient use of keyword searching, and predictive coding and effective review for relevancy and privilege.:
  • Training your law firm’s IT staff in the legal terminology and IT best practices for eDiscovery.
  • Legal Review: Helping your law firm choose the best technology to use for in-house eDiscovery. There are hundreds of choices and choosing the best technology for your firm is essential.