Business Router Analysis Cost


Cyber electronic analysis of your business or office internet router to detect signs of surveillance.


Office or business router analysis cost involves using our Router Black Box to forensically collect the router’s settings configuration and log files. Then, we analyze the data collected and provide our findings and recommendations in a written report. We may monitor activities remotely for a few days to improve the chance of finding surveillance and catching the suspect.

Reasons for an Office or Business Router Analysis

Broadly, the reasons for a router analysis are to detect surveillance devices, identify vulnerabilities, and gather evidence. The information held by a business router can lead us to those objectives.

For example, the most common suspects include business competitors looking for an advantage and high-value employees who may be leaving for a competitor or starting their own business. For obvious reasons, the suspect needs a way to retrieve the surveillance information. Depending on the device used, they may need to enter the premises to retrieve the device and its data. Frequently, however, it is often transmitted from the device using the business’s internet router. This is especially true if the suspect had easy access to the space, such as an ex-partner, employee, or contractor.

Gather Evidence & Identify Suspects

Frequently, router log files often go back 90 days. From the log files, we can determine:

  • All devices that connected to the business’s internet router during that period. Including any employee devices such as phones and tablets. Thus, even if the suspect removed the device before our analysis, if it was connected during the router’s information retention period, we will have that history as evidence.
  • Levels of inbound and outbound internet traffic. This analysis can indicate signs of surveillance and potentially locate the suspect to where information is being sent.

Look for Vulnerabilities

We also identify vulnerabilities and recommend more secure settings by evaluating your router’s settings configuration.

Get a More Complete Picture

Combining an internet router analysis with a bug sweep provides a robust investigation. However, many of our clients choose to start with the internet router analysis, before moving on to the business bug sweep. Call us if you have questions about what makes the most sense for your situation.

Wifi router with lights and computer in background with radio waves
Is someone spying on me through my WiFi router?

Why Choose Howe Law Firm?

We are lawyers, TSCM counter surveillance experts, computer forensic experts, and mobile forensic experts. This experience provides you with professional and comprehensive counter surveillance services for the best results.

Our Office and Business Router Analysis Cost Includes:

Our business router analysis includes a forensic download of the router configuration, options, and all available log files to analyze for surveillance, security settings such as firewall, connection, network, port forwarding, port triggering, remote access, DMZ, and diagnostic settings.

Electronic surveillance detection also involves looking at unknown devices on the business network and incoming and outgoing Internet traffic (e.g. transfer of video files, photos, audio files, and other information to the suspect). At the end of our analysis, we will provide a written report with our findings and recommendations. You can read more about our analysis below.

Is Your Computer Router Being Used to Spy on You?   

When someone spies on your business, they covertly try to collect certain information about your business practices and trade secrets. Frequently, your business’ confidential information is contained in communications, emails, and spreadsheets. However, someone may also be interested in eavesdropping on conference room meetings or secretly taking photos or videos with hidden cameras and microphones.

So, how are they getting the information?

Decades ago, to get this information, a person would sit in a vehicle down the street, eating donuts and drinking bad coffee, while trying to overhear conversations using archaic surveillance equipment. Today, getting this information is relatively simple and easy using readily available hidden equipment, like cameras and microphones. 

Once the surveillance information is recorded, it needs to be transmitted to the individual. Frequently, people use a cellular connection on a mobile phone to send the information. However, surveillance information is also transmitted to an individual using the internet via the home or business computer router.  

Generally, transmission data is available through the routers’ log files. A router analysis can detect surveillance by identifying hidden spy devices on your office network.

For this reason, when doing a bug sweep of at a business or office, we recommend router analysis to detect surveillance. As computer forensic experts, we check all the settings on your router to make sure your router is secure and determine whether or not there have been any exploits or surveillance.  

Is Your Computer Router Being Used to Spy on You?

Information We Can Find in Computer Router Log Files 

We review the internet and computer router log files to uncover surveillance or other information.  

We download all of the log files into our database. We’ve written books on database programming, introducing database queries, and stored procedures. We analyze and review all the data to find suspected surveillance. 

 All Devices that Have Connected to Business or Office Internet 

Three multi-colored computer cables secured with padlocksAn internet router will record in the internet router log files all devices that connect to the network. For example, we might see your customer’s phones or employees’ cell phones and computers if they’ve connected to the business’s internet connection.  

Today, there are a growing number of internet-enabled devices. For example, security cameras, alarms, and even common appliances like the office coffee maker or refrigerator. Analyzing the internet log files helps to separate “safe” devices from “surveillance devices, ” as well as identify devices even if they weren’t found in a physical bug sweep.  

Unknown devices connected to your internet connection may be a hidden camera or microphone collecting surveillance.  

Inbound & Outbound Internet Traffic 

Typically in an office environment, there is more inbound than outbound traffic. For example, when you check your email, you download the email contents and attachments. When researching online, you download website information. When watching a YouTube or other training video, you stream inbound traffic to your work computer.  

On the other hand, surveillance involves uploaded traffic. For example, audio, image, and video files are often very large files. If someone is spying on you through a hidden device, they are probably sending themselves those files over your internet connection. Large amounts of outbound traffic can indicate surveillance.

Can You Tell Who is Spying on Me through your Router?  

Sometimes, when a business client contacts us, they already suspect who is spying on them. For example, an ex-partner, an employment manager, or a business competitor. This information can help target our investigation to identify the most likely sources of evidence  

In analyzing the router, we often obtain the IP address of where surveillance information was sent. This helps to identify who is spying, what information they received, and when.  

Router Recommendations From our Forensic Expert 

Sometimes we find a business with an outdated or insecure router. We recommend a better router to use that is more secure to prevent surveillance and provide enhanced log files for later use if surveillance is suspected. 

Remote Analysis of Home Router
We can send you our Remote Black Box to check for surveillance on your router

Router Analysis Remotely with our Black Box

We can send our Router Black Box to do an analysis on your router remotely. When our Router Black Box arrives, give us a call. At that time, we will give you the combination to unlock the black box. Next, you will plug in the power and your router. Then, we do the rest.

Office and Business Router Analysis Services Near Me

With offices around the country and our remote collection unit, we serve the entire United States. For example, we frequently work in Los AngelesNew YorkChicago, Washington DC, SeattleOrlando, and surrounding communities.


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