Vehicle Bug Sweep Cost


TSCM bug sweep of your vehicle, car, or truck to find GPS trackers, cameras, microphones, or other surveillance devices.


Vehicle bug sweeps services cost and pricing include inspecting all accessible areas: inside, outside, underneath, under bumpers, engine area, and trunk or truck bed. Our equipment detects RF energy emissions, unknown Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals, hidden electronics even if powered off, thermal energy from hidden devices, and more.

Comprehensive Vehicle Bug Sweep & Counter Surveillance Services 

Our training and experience apply to both an electronic and physical investigation of all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, aircraft, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and motor-homes).

We use various equipment and methods to find surveillance on a vehicle. Our sophisticated, commercial-grade surveillance equipment is meant to find any surveillance device as well as determine where the surveillance information is going, and who is receiving it.  This includes: 

External Physical Inspection   

A complete physical inspection of the outside of the vehicle including top, sides, and underneath.  

Full Sweep & Electronic Inspection      

Our inspections are thorough. To ensure a complete analysis, we bug sweep the inside and outside of the vehicle with the power switched off and on.    

  • With a spectrum analyzer, we retrieve information about the various signals emitted around or from the vehicle.  
  • We check the electrical system to identify any connected devices. If found, we locate and disable the device if you want us to.  
  • Our surveillance checks for not only the device but also the transmission of this surveillance information through cellular or other means.

Analyzing All Items in the Vehicle 

Comprehensive physical surveillance should include not only the vehicle itself but all items contained inside the vehicle. For example 

  • If your cell phone is inside the vehicle, then it may be the cause of the surveillance or be hooked up to devices to transmit surveillance information over the cellular connection.  
  • Name badges or things you often have in the vehicle with you such as purses, wallets, backpacks, kids’ toys, and more 

Why Choose Howe Law Firm?

We are lawyers, TSCM counter surveillance experts, computer forensic experts, and mobile forensic experts. This experience provides you with professional and comprehensive counter surveillance services for the best results.

We Use the Best TSCM Equipment:

Our vehicle bug sweep services pricing includes using the best bug sweep equipment available. Much of our TSCM tools and training come from the industry leader in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) equipment, Research Electronics International. Key features of effective bug sweeping tools include the ability to:

  • Spectrum Analyzer. Detects RF energy emissions and identifies all Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.
  • Identify unknown Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals.
  • Find hidden electronics even when turned off.
  • Evaluate thermal energy from hidden devices.
  • Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) to detect electronic devices in air vents, ceilings, and other spaces. This includes detecting and locating hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic devices even if they are turned off or deactivated.
  • Borescope/Endoscope to inspect difficult areas such as inside ceilings and walls and behind vehicle dashboards.
  • Using an infrared viewer to expose pinhole camera lenses.
  • Thermal imaging searching with forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) to identify infrared (IR) and heat signatures of electronic devices on, near or within ceilings, walls, floors, vents, furniture, artwork, clothing, lights, switches, personal property, and electronic equipment on the premises.
  • Advanced near-field detection receiver (including RF detector) to scan for and locate various types of eavesdropping devices (including microphones and cameras) across the frequency spectrum from 10 kHz to 12 GHz.

What is Vehicle Surveillance? 

As a tool, vehicle surveillance no longer belongs to just law enforcement. Indeed, private individuals are using equipment attached to cars, trucks, and SUVs to track their partners, employees, and others. Particularly, with vehicle surveillance, the primary information sought is usually GPS location. For example: 

         Tracking a spouse’s movements in a family law case. 

         A manager tracks an employee he is obsessed with. 

         A witness in a lawsuit is tracked to gather information for the litigation. 

vehicle graphic showing common places to hide GPS trackers, listening devices, and cameras in a car


However, sometimes the individual seeks more detailed information and will install equipment to gather audio, photos, and video. Regardless of means or motive, any electronic surveillance typically requires the same four things:  

1. An Input Device. 

Microphone, camera, and/or GPS location device. 

2. Power Source. 

The power source could be a separate battery or connection to the electrical system in the car.  

3. Data Storage.       

Memory to store the photos, videos, audio files, and GPS location information until the data is transferred or the device is collected. 

4. Surveillance Information Transmission.       

  • Many surveillance devices include a cellular connection to transmit the information to the individual that could be running 24/7.   
  • Another common method to transmit vehicle surveillance information is through the home router. When the car is parked in the garage, it connects via Wi-Fi access to the internet router at the home.  
  • Frequently, we suggest checking the computer router log files and settings for surveillance transmission information. 

six different tracking and camera devices used in vehicles


Vehicle Bug Sweep Services Near Me

With offices around the country, we serve the entire United States. For example, we frequently work in Los AngelesNew YorkChicago, Washington DC, SeattleOrlando, and surrounding communities.

Common Spy Devices for Cars  

There is a great variety of spy devices for cars. Online, you can buy a simple and inexpensive device, or even a more expensive, sophisticated device. See below for some examples. 

Surveillance Devices Purchased Online 

Online you can spend as little as $20 or over $400 for a single tracking device. Here are just couple of examples: 

Spy Associates  

 iPhone as a Surveillance Device 

Below is a picture of an iPhone we found strapped underneath a vehicle to track the GPS location of an ex-wife. This may sound silly but think about the capabilities of an iPhone – it can capture sound, photo/video, and location data, it has data storage, and it can send data through a cellular connection.  

cell phone hidden in a gap of the undercarriage of vehicle used as a GPS tracker
A hidden cell phone in a gap of the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Other Surveillance Devices We Have Found 


Gathering Preserving Evidence 

As lawyers, we are mindful of court rules and the importance of retrieving, preserving, and authenticating evidence to ensure it remains admissible in any type of legal proceeding. With this in mind, our methods ensure that you can authenticate and admit your evidence if needed in either a civil or criminal case. Additionally, we can refer you to a privacy attorney in your area and coordinate with that lawyer to provide any needed expert witness declarations or testimony for your case. 

Signs You Might be Subject to Surveillance in Your Vehicle 

If you are concerned that someone is spying on you, there are some signs that may tip you off. For example:  

  • Does someone keep showing up where you are or seem to know where you have been?
  • Is there any impact on the driving of the vehicle or electronics that stopped working or work intermittently? 
  • Have you noticed radio interference lately? 

Additional Resources 

Tips to Choose a Counter Surveillance Expert 

thorough bug sweep process takes time. To do the job it takes time and a methodology and workflow that is careful and locates any hidden surveillance devices.  Unfortunately, we have had to check a house for surveillance after the client had previously had another service provider sweep the home in a 30minute period of time.    

Before you hire someone, ask the counter-surveillance expert the following questions: 

  • Where did they attain their knowledge and experience in counter-surveillance? 
  • Do they have certifications? 
  • Do they use commercial grade “best-of-breed” equipment? 
  • Do they have a legal background so that they understand how to handle the evidence and authenticate it for use in a civil or criminal trial? 
  • Do they have references?


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