iPad/Tablet Spyware & Hacking Detection Cost


Forensic collection and analysis to identify malware, spyware, trojans, viruses, and rootkits.


Detect spyware and hacking on your tablet cost per iPad or another tablet. Electronic surveillance detection and cybersecurity analysis include forensic collection and analysis to identify malware, spyware, trojans, viruses, rootkits, and location tracking.

To detect bugs or other hacking into an iPad or tablet, first we collect a forensic image. Then we use software, tools, and analysis to identify intrusions, threats, and surveillance risks. As we identify and capture this information, we apply chain of custody practices so you can authenticate and use the evidence in a criminal or civil legal case.

iPads and other tablets are great surveillance devices.

Why? Typically, they are equipped with everything needed to spy:

  • Collect information about you via the tablet’s camera, microphone, or keylogger software, malware, etc.
  • Power source via the battery.
  • Ability to send the information back to the suspect over the internet or cellular connection if enabled.

Thus, we always recommend including a sweep of personal items when we are conducting a bug sweep of your home or office.

Our forensic analysts look for indicators of malware, spyware, and rootkits on your tablet to identify and end spying. 

iPad tablet with floating binary code in analysis for spyware and hacking

Why Choose Howe Law Firm?

We are lawyers, TSCM counter surveillance experts, computer forensic experts, and mobile forensic experts. This experience provides you with professional and comprehensive counter surveillance services for the best results.

We Use the Best Hacking and Malware Identification Software

To start with, we use the leading international vendor for mobile forensics, Cellebrite, among other forensic tools. One example of its forensic features is its ability to identify malware and provide the information necessary for a deep analysis for surveillance, spyware, rootkits, and other exploits.

What is Included in Our Tablet Spyware & Hacking Analysis Cost?

Cost to detect spyware, malware, and hacking on your tablet includes a both a forensic collection and a full analysis of the tablet(s) using Cellebrite forensic software, as well as other tools. The cyber electronic analysis tools we employ to detect surveillance through cyber electronic analysis of devices include:

  • Applying Cellebrite Physical Analyzer to detect spyware and malware and evaluate installed applications on smartphones and tablets.
  • Apply malware and anti-virus scans to computers, smartphones, tablets, and email accounts.
  • Written report of our findings.

Can Someone Spy On or Monitor Me through my iPad or Tablet?

Monitoring you via your iPad or tablet is perfect for spying because most iPads and tablets have the ability to listen and record audio and video. Additionally, depending on how you use your iPad or tablet, if keylogging or spy software was covertly installed, then the suspect could be seeing all types of confidential information that you view on your device.

In addition, tablets are frequently connected to the internet making it easy for the suspect to receive the information remotely.

What Happens if You Find Spyware or Other Hacking into iPad or Tablet?

When we discover surveillance, we consult with you to determine the next steps. Such as: immediately contacting the police; removing the threat; securing the evidence; leaving the threat in place to gather additional information; or securing the iPad or tablet in our evidence vault.

iPad and Tablet Hacking and Spyware Detection Services Near Me

With offices around the country, we serve the entire United States. For example, we frequently work in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Orlando, and surrounding communities.


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