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$1.50 / SQ FT

TSCM bug sweep of your home to find hidden cameras, microphones, and other devices. ($1.50 / sq ft, Minimum Price = $2,975 covers up to 2000 sq ft).

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Bug sweep services cost includes inspecting your home’s accessible interior and exterior spaces. You will pay only the quoted, flat fee.

Why Choose Howe Law Firm?

We Use the Best TSCM Equipment:

We use the best bug sweep equipment available. Much of our TSCM tools and training come from the industry leader in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) equipment, Research Electronics International. Key features of effective bug sweeping tools include the ability to:

  • Detect RF energy emissions.
  • Identify unknown Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals.
  • Find hidden electronics even when turned off.
  • Evaluate thermal energy from hidden devices.

Home Bug Sweep Services Pricing Includes:

The tools and techniques we employ at any given site are based on individual facts and circumstances. Immediately below is a list of what we generally apply in our investigations at homes, offices, and vehicles:

  • A careful physical search to detect surveillance devices.
  • Spectrum Analyzer to detect RF energy emissions from unknown or hidden devices throughout a wide frequency range up to 12 GHz.
  • Identifying all Bluetooth signals.
  • Identifying all Wi-Fi signals.
  • Identifying GPS location trackers in vehicles.
  • Using a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) to detect electronic devices in furniture, air vents, walls, ceilings, furniture, plants, and other spaces. This includes detecting and locating hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic devices even if they are turned off or deactivated.
  • Borescope/Endoscope to inspect difficult areas such as inside ceilings and walls and behind vehicle dashboards.
  • Using an infrared viewer to expose pinhole camera lenses.
  • Thermal imaging searching with forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) to identify infrared (IR) and heat signatures of electronic devices on, near or within ceilings, walls, floors, vents, furniture, artwork, clothing, lights, switches, personal property, and electronic equipment on the premises.
  • Advanced near-field detection receiver (including RF detector) to scan for and locate various types of eavesdropping devices (including microphones and cameras) across the frequency spectrum from 10 kHz to 12 GHz.
  • Testing equipment to discover very low frequency (VLF) through carrier current (electrical transmissions).
  • Electrical and Magnetic signal detection.
  • Search for voice recordings with parabolic microphones through windows. Check RF attenuation for free passage for RF signal through the windows.
  • Drone recording of the exterior of homes and buildings to check for transmitters in areas not otherwise visually accessible.
  • In addition, we sweep your smart TV for attached devices and research and evaluate the TV for hacking risks.

Home Bug Sweep Services Near Me

With offices around the country, we serve the entire United States. For example, we frequently work in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Orlando, and surrounding communities.


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